Solar Powered Printing!

In 2012 we installed a 39,750kW Solar Array of 159 panels on our building. The annual power produced exceeds our usage, and are putting completely environmentally friendly solar generated power back into the grid! Follow the links on our website to monitor the real time production, the historical production, and see examples of our carbon offset.

Project payback period: 8 years


Fluorescent to LED Bulb Replacement Project

In 2012 we did a complete replacement of all our interior and exterior lights to high efficiency LED bulbs. We immediately saw a 30% reduction in our electrical use. Over the lifetime of the project, and with the average LED bulb lasting over 25 years, we will save over 1000 4’ fluorescent bulbs that would have needed to be recycled and over 300 ballasts in our landfills. The old fluorescent bulbs were given away to three different local area businesses to finish out their productive lives.

Project payback period: 2.5 years

Insulate, Insulate, Insulate

When we remodeled our building in 2006 we chose to super-insulate the walls and ceiling with high density insulation, vapor barriers, and additional fiberglass insulation. We brought our total annual heating bill for a 4,000 square foot building to under $550.

Project payback period: 2 years

The Free Range Chicken Project

Where does our paper waste go? We have contracted with a local farmer from Trempealeau to take all of our shredded waste paper to use as bedding for his free range chickens and composting. For our efforts we are also rewarded with a steady stream of fresh eggs. What cannot be shredded is recycled.

Project Payback: Immediate and ongoing